Last Updated: July 8, 2022

Active Missions

Active Missions Rewards (Points)
Register as a validator 20
Join the network as a validator 30
Report any bug from validator setup 30

All Seinami Testnet Missions

Important Dates

Missions Starts July 11, 2021
Submissions Open July 12, 2021
Submissions Close TBD
Winners Notified TBD
KYC Available TBD
KYC Deadline TBD
Rewards Distribution Mainet Launch

Submission Forms

  1. Testnet Registration Form (Non-validator participant)
  2. Validator Registration Form (All validators)
  3. Mission Submission Form (All participants)
  4. Identity Verification Form (Available at conclusion)

Program Overview

Are you ready for the storm? Sei is launching its first incentivized testnet for validators and participants. We’re calling it Operation: Seinami.

Before we launch our mainnet, we want to ensure that Sei Network is up to scratch, so we want YOU to help us stress-test the network.

The aim of Operation: Seinami is to identify any bugs or flaws with our protocol prior to mainnet launch. We’ll be issuing token rewards to all participants who complete tasks and bug bounties.